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Mango Pets Limited :: Dog Collars & Dog Accessories :: Astrid hemp dog collar Small (8"-14")

Astrid hemp dog collar Small (8"-14")

Astrid hemp dog collar Small (8"-14")

Astrid hemp dog collar Small (8"-14")
Make your dog stand out in the pack with this funky natural hemp dog collar! Hemp is a brilliant material ideally suited for dog wear. It is hypoallergenic which results in less itching and is great for dogs with sensitive skin. It is hard wearing, yet softens with age, is machine washable and long lasting! This hemp dog collar is adjustable and is made from 100% hemp canvas with three layers. It has a contoured, quick release fastener and a great design to make your dog noticed! Go on, treat your dog to this cool dog collar today!
SKU SKU17528
Our Price: £16.00

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